nobody is home:

Found images (from vintage photos/books/magazines), image transfer onto fabric and then stitch.....

open studio: closed studio

Well it has been a busy old few weeks but also a great experience with my first open studio at ASC studio's Kingston, as part of the Kingston Open Arts. I have included some pictures of my open studio below so you get a flavour of it. I met some fantastic people and I am really grateful for all the support I received from family and friends. I sold some work and feel super fired up creatively now! Thank you xxx



articles of identity:

As some of you know I have been working on this project for a while. It has now developed into a hand stitched fabric book and will be part of a series called 'Articles of Identity'. This will be shown during  Kingston Artist Open Studios which starts next week as part of the Kingston Art Trail!

platonic solids:

I find magic in geometry.

I like the idea it presents of finding order in space.

This was my inspiration for my new tattoo today: the five platonic solids, the basis of the universe.

Happy is me.

occluded, excluded, corrected:

I am still slowly working on my missing person/identity series.
I have been thinking of making them into a book of sorts... a kind of sinister family photo album maybe.




Todays works in progress:

Here are some pics from over at Instagram which I use as a kind of visual journal.... Pop over and say hello... My name over there is stitch_therapy.... I am currently covered head to toe in plaster of Paris. 

I loves making a mess! 

More stuckness abounds....

birds of a feather stay stuck together:

I have been continuing on my theme of being 'stuck' and experimenting with different mediums. Above are feathers cased in Plaster of Paris and connected by thread. 

Below are some experiments which involved lace cased in Plaster of Paris. I love the contrast of the rigidity of the form versus its fragility. The pieces are extremely brittle, like old bones. 

I am not quite sure where I am going with them, I wanted to use thread somehow too as I like the idea of using thread interwoven in the lace, however I am still playing with it all at the moment. I am also drawn to the idea of hanging, so the pieces are suspended in air.... 

Watch this space...