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Hello y'all. Sorry for being a bit rubbish at posting on here. I have been so busy, and seem to be more of an instagrammer recently (say hello over here - it is kind of like my visual diary).

I am in the middle of Hawks Road Artists Open Studios, as part of Kingston and Surrey Open Arts. The studios were open this weekend, and also are the weekend after:

Here are some images from my studio. If you are in the neighbourhood drop by and say hi!




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leaving the father's house:

"Overhead, without any fuss, the stars were going out." 
Arthur C Clarke, The 9 Billion Names of God

Finally I have found a moment to blog about the fantastic show I was very excited to be part of which was hosted and curated by OX Art

The show was a response to an Arthur C Clarke short story called The 9 Billion Names of God. The story was rich material to work with, holding many metaphors in relation to the human condition, faith, belief and society at large. Please do visit Ox Art's blog to see photos of all the artists work in the show - the show was very diverse!

My response, Leaving the Father's House, focused on the question of 'how do we as humans find meaning in a seemingly meaningless universe'? 

I created a fold-able pocket shrine which explored the ideas of personal mythology, objects of power and ritual making activity as ways of finding meaning in our 'arbitrary universe'. 

Pictures of my work are below (gallery photos courtesy of Annabel Pettigrew, Ox Art):

The Nine Billion Names of God

I am super excited to be part of an upcoming group show curated and hosted by OX called ‘The Nine Billion Names Of God’. Selected artists have made work in response to the short story ‘The Nine Billion Names Of God’ by Arthur C. Clarke. The show will run for 24 hours only. 

Please see the below flyer and this Facebook invite for more details. Really hope to see you there!

rituals of the soul:

"The woman who takes the time to grow herself in the darkness becomes familiar - perhaps for the first time - with the real source and containment of her psychic strength." 

"No longer is her strength dissipated in obeying an idealised father figure, in pleasing a lover, in trying to satisfy a perpetually unsatisfied mother figure, in accommodating to a patriarchal organisation or culture, in appeasing the inner witch who tells her she is worthless...." 


"....No longer is her strength lost to obeying compulsions, drives, and obsessions that can slip in during the dark night of the soul and substitute for the real thing...."

"....and what is the real thing, the thing for which she longs?...."

".... [it is] the love affair with her own spirit, the inner marriage that commits her to her destiny, the rituals of soul that feed her deepest hunger....."

"..... the sense of being pregnant with her Self, the creative essence"

all text from 'Coming Home To Myself" - by Marion Woodman and Jill Mellick

spinning some CROW ideas:

More to come but ideas have been developing with CROW. My idea of crow creation myths is still in progress (or crow destruction myths possibly), I want the myths to develop from the art work, the process and the finished art object helping to inform the myth.

Contemporary Artists' Books Exhibition - Riverside Gallery:

I am very excited to be exhibiting in the upcoming Contemporary Artists' Books exhibition - at Riverside Gallery, Twickenham, 29 November 2014 to 14 February 2015. This is to coincide with the annual literature festival that is also taking place.

My hand embroidered book Dissociation will be featured, as will my illustrated book Yes, No, Maybe, Crow - with the opportunity to buy limited edition copies of the latter. 

It would be great to see you there. I shall keep you updated!